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Autonomous deliveries and self-driving vehicles are all the rage, and now Ford is joining in on all of the fun and this robot is straight out of a sci-fi movie. It is named Digit and is a two-legged robot created by Agility Robotics.

This robot is designed to get your delivery from a car to your door. It was announced earlier this year but is now operational. The robot folds up in the back of a self-driving vehicle, ready to unfold itself when it arrives at the delivery destination. The press release says, “Digit not only resembles the look of a person, but walks like one, too.”

Digit can lift packages up to 40 pounds, walk up and down stairs and navigate uneven terrain while maintaining its balance if it gets bumped. It uses data obtained by the self-driving vehicle. The car builds a detailed map of the area, then wirelessly shares it with Digit. Digit and the vehicle can even work collaboratively to identify the most efficient route.

So it may not be long until a Ford robot walks up to your door and rings your doorbell. Hopefully, they don’t scare humans who are unaware and end up shooting the robot.

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