IR-XY linear actuator and electromagnetic lock driver

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linear actuator and electromagnetic lock driver

Makers, developers and Arduino enthusiasts may be interested in a new linear actuator and electromagnetic locks driver created by serial Kickstarter entrepreneur and electronics designer Patrick Thomas Mitchell, based in Ottawa, Canada. We have featured many of Patrick’s electronic projects here on Geeky Gadgets and I have personally purchased a few.

His latest Arduino compatible (multi program) linear actuator, DC motor, and DUAL electromagnetic lock driver board is now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from C$30 or roughly £19 and worldwide delivery expected to take place during October 2019.

The IR-XY linear actuator and electromagnetic lock driver and board allows you to control one 12v linear actuator, or one DC motor, or up to two electromagnetic locks using the following on-board features:

– Sound – There is an on-board microphone that allows for you to use sound to actuate the connected devices. A double-clap program comes already pre-installed in the board!
– Light – There is a light sensor on the board that allows for you to either use light or darkness to actuate the connected devices. A program for this come pre-installed as well.
– Buttons – Use the SEL1 or SEL2 buttons at any time to actuate the connected devices in either direction!
– Infrared – The on-board IR sensor works in conjunction with most Infrared remote controls, and a program comes pre-installed so that you can get started actuating the connected devices right out of the box with a remote control!
– Wireless/Long Distance – An NRF24L01+ Transceiver module plugs into the IR-XY board, which can communicate with another NRF24L01+ module. A program comes pre-installed, and you have the option of pledging towards an NRF24L01+ Arduino Shield, which will allow for you to wirelessly control your actuator from far away!

Features of the IR-XY linear actuator and electromagnetic lock driver :

– On-Board reset button
– 5x installed programs
– You have the ability to take the provided sample code, and create your own programs using your Arduino UNO! Commented code will be provided to pledges at the end of the campaign.
– Select the program that you want to use on power-up
– Select between latching and momentary driving actions (Decided by jumper placement)
– 2x On-Board LEDs
– Use one power supply to power the connected devices and the digital electronics, OR connect two power supplies; one to power the connected devices, and one to power the digital electronics. This is completely up to you.
– LOW-POWER! This driver board uses field effect transistors, and not relays. This helps to significantly lessen the current consumed by the digital electronics.

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