Soundpeats Truengine2 dual driver earbuds

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Soundpeats Truengine2

Soundpeats Truengine2 earbuds cup in design to offer the “world’s most advanced TWS earbuds” thanks to their patented crossover and dual 6mm dynamic drivers. Watch the video below to learn more about their design, construction and performance.

Launched via Kickstarter this week early bird pledges are available from $59 or roughly £48 and worldwide deliveries expected to take place sometime next month during October 2019. Based on the sound captured by the dual mics, Truengine2 can dramatically reduce unwanted ambient noise during calls using CVC (Clear Voice Capture) noise-cancellation tech, delivering crystal-clear calls even in noisy environments, says Soundpeats Audio.

“There are a lot of wireless earbuds on the market today. However, most of them are built around a cheap, single-driver design that lacks the ability to accurately represent sound across different frequencies without interference. This results in a muddy sound that lacks strong bass and accurate audio details. SOUNDPEATS Truengine2 owns a patented design of dual dynamic drivers + Truengine Crossover, which separates audio signals in different frequencies and delivers them independently, resulting in a balanced separation that greatly enhances sound quality in Hi-Fi audio.“

Source: Kickstarter

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