The Only Quick Charge + Power Delivery Global Travel Adapter You Will Ever Need

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The Nimble is the worlds first dual USB-C travel adapter powering up to 6 devices in over 250 countries.

Nimble Global Travel Adapter

Whether you are a frequent or casual traveler, finding and packing the right travel adapter can be troublesome, especially when on multi country trips. There are a plenty of travel adapters on sale right now but none of them are designed for the gadgets and devices of today.

As devices get more powerful so do there factory chargers but travel adapters have remained in the past with either multiple USB ports with not enough power to charge multiple devices efficiently.

The Nimble has been designed to mitigate all of the current flaws in the travel adapter market to actually deliver something useful for you and all travelers alike.

But you can get this on Amazon?

Simply put, No.

The concept of travel adapters is nothing new, however there is no other travel adapter with dual type-c output ports which can power up to 35W. The Nimble truly is a new design made for modern tech which require more power and faster charging times.


Charge Faster .…With Less

A key feature of the Nimble is the dedicated USB-C Quick Charge and Power Delivery port, unlike traditional travel adapters, The Nimble will provide a full 18W output to the QC and PD Port regardless of how many other devices are plugged in.

Nimble Global Travel Adapter

The next time you go traveling you don’t have to worry about bringing the proprietary USB-C laptop or phone charger thinking it can charge your phone faster – the Nimble can replace both! The dedicated USB-C port features Quick Charge and Power Delivery technology that most phones and laptops are compatible with today. Use Power delivery can charge your device up to 2.5x faster than your standard 5W charger.

Charge More….With Less

But we all travel with more than one gadget right? Yes, besides the one dedicated USB-C QC/PD port, The Nimble features three USB-A ports and a secondary USB-C port which shares a combined power of 17W allowing you to charge all your travel gadgets from one charger. Save the luggage capacity as you will no longer be needing multiple chargers for each device!

Charge Safe…. With Nimble

Traveling with multiple chargers…. or worse, a single charger and plug adapter combo can be super frustrating when trying to power multiple devices. The Nimble can charge up to 6 devices safely anywhere you may travel to, it has been designed to manage the power safely using 3 independent circuit boards to control each power output independently from one another.

A secondary fail safe in the Nimble has an inbuilt auto current protection as well as a spare fuse stowed inside the device. Should you require to change the fuse whilst traveling you can just pop the new fuse in right away without the need to go hunting for a little fuse in a foreign country!

Auto Resetting Fuse?

The Nimble does not have an auto resetting fuse because if a fault does occur and the fuse is triggered, it may not draw your attention to the source of the problem. By using our 8A dual fuse, you can rectify any issues before further damages occur.

Secondly, while an auto resetting fuse needs time to cool down before its operational again. With a dual fuse + self-developed auto current protection system you can simply replace the old one with the spare, and you can continue charging immediately, which would act as a life saver when you need to juice up your phone.

Charge Like A Local, Travel Like A Pro

The Nimble has been designed by a collective of travelers to be the ultimate travel gadget you need for any type of travel. Next time you set off on a new adventure, travel light, travel nimble and you will not regret it.

Bring This To Life

The Nimble campaign launched on Kickstarter, today September 10th and will run for 30 days with a funding target of US$10,000. Estimated shipping is October 2019.

The Nimble can be purchased on Kickstarter for US$29 (Super Early bird price). It will retail for US$59.99 MSRP.

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