New Dyson Cryptomic air purifier destroys formaldehyde from $650

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Dyson Cryptomic air purifier

Dyson has today launched its new range of air purifiers in the form of the Dyson Pure Cryptomic purifier which are now available to purchase price from $650 for the fan-only model, or $750 for the Pure Hot+Cool version. The new Dyson air purifiers are available in two different colour combinations either white and gold or gunmetal and bronze.

Dyson Cryptomic air purifier

Marketed as being able to destroy formaldehyde in your home the new air purifiers are equipped with mineral Cryptomelane as a catalyst to trap formaldehyde in the air. Dyson explains more. “There is an oxygen-rich surface on the catalyst that works to destroy formaldehyde by removing electrons during the chemical reaction causing it to break into the smaller, safer molecules – carbon dioxide and water,” the company said in a statement. “The amount of carbon dioxide and water that results from this process is very small. For reference, the technology panel produces 20,000x less water and CO2 than a mouse gives off breathing per day.”

The combination filter in use here will trap 99.95 percent of particles and “volatile organic compounds (VOCs)”, according to Dyson.

Source: Dyson

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