Official Nintendo Switch Stylus Should Arrive This Year

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There have been many comparisons made between the Nintendo Switch and the 3DS handheld. It makes sense since both consoles have touchscreen controls and can be played in handheld mode. This is especially true with the Switch Lite that has been designed specifically for handheld gaming.

But one of the unique features of the 3DS is its included stylus which can be used to play certain games, and now it looks like the line between the Switch and 3DS is about to get even thinner. In a post on the ResetEra forums, it has been discovered that Nintendo has an official stylus designed for the Switch that will be launching later in the year.

The accessory was originally discovered in a store listing on Nintendo’s Japanese website but was taken down since. The accessory looks like it will be launching with Brain Age, although we imagine that there will be more games in the future that can take advantage of it.

However, there is no place to keep the stylus unless you have a carrying case for the Switch. The 3DS comes with a slot for the stylus. The accessory may be released on the 27th of December in Japan for around $9.

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